Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story Eight

Not that worried that one of our party was kidnapped, we continued on towards Paktharkis (or whatever the name is), and the secret passage inside. Except that one the way we discover a fight that was fought, between dragon warriors and elvens. There was one human still alive, although he wore dragon armor. Before we could "discuss" anything with him, we were beset upon by more draconic warriors, and we happened to be warned by the one who was supposedly on their side.

While they were many, we had recently been joined by a Dwarvian Warlock called Filthy, or something like that. Not that he proved too helpful in battle, but we were used to them by now, so they did not pose a real challenge. We then returned to human who say he fight on winning side, and since we won, he would like to join us. With some distrust, he accompany us.

After more distance and more travel, we got to Paktharis, to see army march out. Human say there are many more inside. We head for the secret way in, which is along a valley. Nice valley, except for the trolls. They were a much harder fight, and only due to Dwarf with firey abilities do we really put paid to them, but for a while it was looking grim. There was loot nearby, but no more magical items for me.

We make it into the passage, and find it branches out. We pick one path, but then see that it could get blocked behind us, so we go another way. We find another source of loot, but ghost of dead body wants to take us on first. It pretty good at knocking down nearby foes, although I remain unhurt. Eventually we put it out of our misery, but only item found useful for barbarian.

Huh. Hopefully something more for me when we continue after our next rest...


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