Sunday, 25 October 2009

SJA: The Mad Woman in the Attic

That's just... such a better script that Prisoner of the Judoon. Was that really Joseph Lidster?

In series one, the Trickster changed the past. In series two, the Trickster changed the past. In series three... what? No the Trickster? Instead we are in the future and Rani has managed to wipe out everyone else. But how? How?? HOW???

This is, it has to be said, a great script! It is centred on Rani and she is integral to the story and it's a very human thing that leads to the problem. I'm not sure how well the kiddies will deal with it (the first part is rather darker than typical), but it was very well done and the second part was amazingly positive. (Again? This is from Joseph Lidster? Really?)

The positiveness continues with happy performances, especially from Eleanor Tomlinson as Eve (this is one episode I would like to see the behind-the-scenes material). Souad Faress is a terrific Old Rani, picking up on small traits that Anjli Mohindra has put into her character. Also liked Brian Miller as Harry.

Amazingly impressed with how much this has lifted from the opener. Hopefully this quality will continue with the next episode and its specialty...

NEXT WEEK: He is coming...


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