Tuesday, 20 October 2009

SJA: Prisoner of the Judoon

The Sarah Jane Adventures are back, and this time in a slap-stick run around with Paul Kasey in a large bulky costume... which isn't necessarily a unique descriptor...

A Judoon crash lands while escorting a prisoner, and now they all have to hunt the prisoner down. But not before it displays some remarkable powers and turns Sarah Jane into her evil twin. Or, at least, her twin with a bad rictus grin.

I doubt I'll make friends when I say: Elizabeth Sladen can't do evil. It just comes across as creepy, and not in a good way. Bad creepy just makes her seem like she doesn't know how to act the part. That said, she could do with turning down the endearing side a notch, but going into the dark side didn't work either.

The rest of the cast are their usual good selves, with the parents getting into absolute hilarity as they run around the building!... oh wait, that's not necessarily a good thing. And Paul Kasey didn't come across as 100% comfortable lugging that outfit around. Also we have guest star Terence Maynard, whom I know I've seen in something else, but can't remember what (maybe Revolver? Doubted I remembered that much of it.).

SJA is back, and not with an amazing episode, but one that is typical.

NEXT TIME: Oh, a bad wish episode. Ho hum.


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