Saturday, 14 November 2009

Capital-ism - A Wuv Story

The other day I caught the latest Michael Moore propaganda-piece, about how trying to earn a dis-honest buck is considered a bad thing, but at least we are switching to socialism now.

This story is told by extreme close up shots on people as they start crying, and short clips from old short educational films. This is journalism in action!

Okay, so maybe the entire movie isn't told in this fashion, but a few personal stories are used to tell the entire tale of how capitalism is wrong. It's not that simple... which is the point, for me. All these stories are interesting, but it comes down to that nothing is that simple.

The CEOs did lots of "bad things" to get more money, at the expense of other people, but it's not that simple. Legislation was pushed through to benefit the few instead of the many, but it's not that simple. President Obama has made many changes that are not favourable to those people, and the power is somewhat returning to the people, but it's not that simple.

With over two hours, Moore can't really get into details, and needs to show it as relatively simple (although there is a very amusing moment where people are attemping to explain derivatives).

It's worth watching, but does make you wonder how America manages to continue to survive as a major power...


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