Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story Ten

Venturing upstairs in tower, we see some corridors and doors. I send my newly acquired imp to look around, and we find large steel doors with two hobgoblin guards. We approach them, but instead of beating them up, tell them we are sent to replace them. For some reason, they believe us [go natural 1s to detect our lies!]. They take off, and we follow. When they get to the tower entrance and get reinforcements, then we attack. [Definitely need some better planning there.]

The battle goes on a while as we can't seem to hit very well (although I hit fine and deal out lots of damage). Eventually, we whittle them down to one guard, that surrenders. He tell us that Verminard (who runs the place and rides a dragon) is in discussion with Fewmaster Toad in nearby room, and his chambers are next to that. Also, there is another tower with women prisoners, children prisoners are in this tower and men are in mines. There is a mechanism that will protect the city by placing large rocks and stuff in the way of the main gates.

Somehow, we realise that our plan should be to rescue the women and children, get the already rescued children, and then head to the men, triggering the rocks so that the armies coming through this place are slowed down. Or something. I wasn't paying attention, too busy talking to Imp-y-celyn [no-one got the reference. sigh].

Anyways, we go back to investigate the chambers, find some tapestries, some priceless items in a buffet [the cabinet, not the food spread], and some maps. And a trap that I completely fail to disarm. Ow.

Then we go after children. Which, on second thought, we should have done after getting other women out of other tower first. Oops. So we run into more draconians. Not that bad a fight [although a lot of misses]. For some reason, my compatriots annoyed when I kill one and as it explodes it hits them. Even though I in radius, I not hit, so don't know what they complaining about.

Unfortunately, one got away and called out to Flamestriker. Which seems to be name of old dragon guarding children. Guess we fighting him now...


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