Monday, 14 December 2009

Headsmack! No, not a UFO...

Big news for New Zealandarians! You may have seen one of the giant spacecraft orbitting the earth!

Or maybe a rocket. It's hard to tell. "The foundation's South Island spokeswoman, Val Parker, a former Timaruvian, said "there are two versions – believe what you like"."

Yeah... two versions. One in which there are giant spacecrafts orbitting the earth, which you can take pictures of by photographing the sunset and making up images in the picture...

Or the version in which a rocket spun out of control. Which Russian Defence Ministry has admitted happened. Which the Bad Astronomer called even before they admitted it!

Which, in fact, happened again! This time with video:

Yeah... two versions... insert your own crazy joke here, they already did...


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