Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Rogue Trading 3

While repairing our ship at Footfall, some of our crew stirred up trouble in the local population, which caused us grief. Finding the perpetrator wasn't too much of a problem for our Seneshal, leaving us only with the option of what to do with him. Death quick and easy? Long and painful? Eventually, we decided to garner favour with the locals by handing him over to them for their justice. The little tick should be glad we didn't do worse to him.

With the ship repaired, we continued out to our destination of Magoros, and found there two planets, one icy, one desert, and a ring of asteroids. Visiting the ice planet first, we found the remains on an ork ship crashed into xeno-archaic ruins, and in those ruins the remains of a power grid that was beaming remnants of power to the other planet.

Switching planets, we tracked the beam to the north pole, but couldn't land there due to turbulent air, so settled down and had to walk in (not a particularly pleasent experience for me). Nearing the goal, some kind of ruin, we came across the woman who had attempted to steal from us earlier, now caught up in a squabble with some orks. We were tempted to leave her to it, but then decided it would be good for her to owe us a favour.

There were, however, very many orks. While others took pot shots, I tried to go in an intimidate them with my mighty Navigator-ness [go Lidless stare]. I did quite well with a first glaring, that I tried to do it again... but over-exerted myself and passed out. However, I was only the first of many to do so, with one of my shipmates doing so instead of dying [bye-bye Fate Point]. And, indeed, the woman we came to rescue ended up no more. With all but one of us down for the count, the one remainder drew the orks away, leaving us to be scooped up by the Teleportarium...

[That fight was rather unbalanced. Indeed, the whole adventure hasn't been that good. It's an example adventure, designed to show off various parts of the system. So far it's called for a lore skill none of us have (and can only be gotten if you happen to pick the right background option). It's put us in ship-to-ship combat that nearly destroyed us (with some initial excellent rolls from the GM). And then it put us up against twelve armoured, unnaturally tough creatures. Frankly, TPK was well possible... I hate to see what the final fight/scene will be!]

[But I will say that having now seen the Critical Hit tables, they are very amusing, and remind me of the Rolemaster ones...]


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