Friday, 4 December 2009

Target Australia: 2025

Have you seen the work the Taskforce 2025 has come up with? They are looking at closing the GDP gap between us and Australia (ranking wise) by the year 2025.

They have a number of recommendations, which can be found in summary in their Summary Report. The basic idea is: less taxes, but commensurately less spending by the Government.

Highlights include:

* Cuts to health, including cuts to subsidizing doctor visits and prescription drugs.
* Cuts to subsides in education.
* Pushing out New Zealand Superannuation.

* All tax rates (personal, company, trust) to 20%.

* Government to sell off services if they are in a competitive market.

* The 90 Day probationary period for new employees to be pushed out to 12 months.

Really? This might be what we need to do, but is this a good thing from the "average Joe" perspective? More costs to education and doctors. More chance for the private sector to price hike. More chance for the private sector to use disposable people...

To be honest, if some of these are implemented, I'm thinking "political suicide". But take a look at the documents and decide for yourselves.


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