Tuesday, 1 December 2009

That Was It

Work was over, it was cheap, had a good review, so I popped by the cinema to check out the last ever Michael Jackson work This is It.

And this is as close as I'll ever get to an MJ concert. Basically, it is the rehearsal footage, edited together with the filmed sequences, to replicate a filmed concert experience of the intended concert. In that regards, it works. It also has scattered about various brief clips of the various performers saying how excited they are to be working with MJ.

Say what you like (and his nose did keep distracting me), the man knew how to put on a concert. And had a lot of energy, keeping up with various other performer who were likely half his age. (That said, he's not the only 50 something putting on concerts with younger dancers.)

It would definitely have been an impressive performance, with various classic pieces, including a tribute to the Jackson 5, and a nice slowed down remix of "The Way You Make Me Feel".

If you like MJ, or at least don't mind him, or want to see a concert come together, this is an entertaining way to spend two hours.


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Foo said...

Being over this way, we did consider going to see the big MJ at the O2, but tickets sold out incredibly fast. Guess it doesn't matter now! It seems his family thinks the Brits killed him (well, that idea was thrown about by his Father immediately after his death).