Friday, 1 January 2010

Goodbye "Noughties"!

And so we wave goodbye to another decade (although some people debate that), the period of years starting with 200-.

Which were called the "Noughties". Really? That's what people came up with? ("Oh, it sounds like "naughty", that's a bit rude isn't it?") When did that become the official name? (There are others, but that's the one I saw the most often.) Did I miss the committee voting? Was there a memo? Did one person get to dictate?

It seems the BBC was the group that came up with the name, but no guarantee that they're the reason why. However, I'm sure their continual repetition of the name would help soak it into the social consciousness. We'll have to wait until tomorrow before we see what they call the next decade.

But any guesses? The "Tennies"? Just the "Tens"? How about we just use the tens digit: The "Onnies"/The "Ones"? (An alternative which is compatible with the decade of yesteryear.) Or a slight distortion: The "Teenies"? Sounds like an award...



Alden said...

I prefer the "Teens" :)

Foo said...

Apparently 2010 will be pronounced as either 'two thousand and ten' or 'twenty ten'. The BBC were in the news as they had stated they would use 'twenty ten' only and older folk didn't like that.

I don't think it really matters - people will soon work it out (and as long as they can be understood!)