Saturday, 23 January 2010

I've been watching...

Over the Christmas break I managed to get around to watching some of my pile of Doctor Who DVDs (so many to watch...). Watching now versus distant memories has made my re-evaluate some old fan conceptions, and I've noticed things never seen before.

First up, I watched the two-pack of The Invisible Enemy/K9 and Company.

The Invisible Enemy, yes, okay, there are some dodgy moments where the Doctor and Leela come out of the TARDIS and fail to notice the body at their feet until the appropriate plot moment, and how does one clone clothes, etc... but there were some moments that were great.

I liked the Doctor's mind sequences. Fine, no brain would look like that, but it's big and grandiose and fitting for a Time Lord. The masonry that K9 blasts out is clearly cut that way... but the corridor has been damaged, why wouldn't K9 blast an area already really to fall to pieces? And despite many opportunities for bad make up opportunities, the eye additions for the virus infection work well.

But my favourite touch is the spelling. Such as "Isolayshun Ward" and "Egsit", etc, etc. It's a great nod that over time language changes. (cf The Long Game in which 200,000 AD is EXACTLY like going down Camden Market.) It's there to note, not something laboured and not important to the plot, but does show that they gave it some thought. It's a shame that this lesson wasn't picked up more.

As for K9 and Company... Liz Sladen certainly isn't enamoured of it, if you listen to the commentary. You can't help agreeing with her when listening. However, when watching the story you don't entirely pick up on all that, although there is a definite point where the pace picks up. K9 as Hecate's dog is a bit duff, this was intended as a pilot(*)... but you think they could have done a better story. At least it ends on the sweet point of K9 trying to sing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

(*) Yes, I saw the recent K9 pilot... I try not to remember it...


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