Wednesday, 6 January 2010

War on Scales 1

[While we are waiting for some players to return, we are taking on the Scales of War adventure path.]

There we were, in a quiet tavern, enjoying a some food and drink (well, two of the three of us, the other being Warforged) when we were set upon by a band on Hob-Goblins! Indeed! The very idea! As Marach, a cleric of Melora, clearly my duty was to smite them, and smite them hard. With Karrach, the Half-Orc Assassin and Valduun, the Warforged Warden, we proceeded to do so. However, there were some casualties, and unfortunately the spirits were burned before we could save them.

Then we heard a commotion on the street, and we found an ogre carting around some more hobgoblins, intent on throwing lit barrels of pitch. I ended up on fire-fighting duty (considering that I was unable to hit anything...) while the other two took care of the source.

While some stood watch for the rest of the night, others of us managed to get some rest. In the morning, we were called upon by Councilor Troius, who wanted us to track the hobgoblins as they had kidnapped townsfolk and stole treasures. Of course we would, with only pausing to question a kidnapped hobgoblin. While threats of death had some result, my discussion on the insignia they used proved more productive, and we found out they were hidden out in Rivensdale, an abandoned fort to the south. We set out immediately, although it was harder going than we expected. Still, we got to the fortress by midnight, heard them carousing, and decided to get some rest and let festivities take their toll.

Thus, next morning, we three entered the castle, and proceeded to set about the initial guards, and stopped them before too much alarm could be raised. However, following the sound of talking, we encountered more "angry goblins". They proved a tougher match, with two crossbow goblin men turning up and eventually running away into a dark corridor. With the initial group put down, Karrash ran off after them...


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