Wednesday, 27 January 2010

War on Scales 4

We set out, having wiped out most of the crypt's inhabitants, with some more people to find. Up and down and stairs and corridors and macra claws and goblins and... oh wait. Yeah, things to fight! Meh, the goblins weren't really an issue, and the macra claws weren't much of an issue either. Frankly, this is just becoming a joke.

After putting them down, we find another of the people, the curator who was happy to get all those items back, and we were more than happy to have someone else carry stuff around. Going back over our tracks, we found a shimmering tapestry that showed the Shadowlands, presumedly a portal into here, but not one we could touch. Huh.

Going the long way to miss those pits, we find a hall of displacer beasts statues with more creatures to fight. Namely... Dire Rats! And goblins! Wooo! Oh, we are so afraid... sigh... really? After putting them down, we save another person who's been broken mentally. We were unable to bring her properly back, but will have to leave it for later.

With only few areas left, we find a room with a trap on the floor being studied by a goblin and two zombies. They move around pretty well, but it's not really a huge problem either. Yes, all these fights are wearing us down, but we still aren't being that overly taxed. We did need a decent rest in the middle of exploring this place, but otherwise we are doing all right. After that particular fight, another person saved. One to go!

The one final set of steps leads down to a large room with mushrooms. A lot of mushrooms. Many, many mushrooms. We pick our way through and find the last person trapped in a magic circle. With an excellent allocation of resources, I tell them what to do, and the other two do it.

With everyone rescued (sans the one who died, we did take him back to be raised), we headed back to town. Good job done all around. After a hearty round of back-slapping we are advised to find more work in the city of Overlook. Sounds like a place to go...


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