Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Hey, it's LittleBig Planet, the movie! At least, that's what the figures reminded me of. Never played that game... or seen the gameplay itself, but the art totally matches.

So, it's the Apocalypse and a lone band of heroes might unite to fight a final horror before the planet can be reclaimed... except that the heroes are these little puppet robot things (so cute!) and the big bad is something they do. But, unlike other movies where the hero does something stupid then angsts over it for another hour before finally confessing to his friends who shun him only to forgive him later (see, for example, the last animated movie I reviewed), this guy totally owns up straight away. 'My bad! Let's go defeat the thing!' I like that.

The puppets, as I said, are well done, and have this lovely hand crafted look to them. And the creatures are amazingly techno-cool as well. Huge plaudits to the designers here. The colour scheme is a little samey, we could do with mixing it up, but it is supposed to be after the downfall of the planet so it tonally correct. The vocal talent is a good mix and don't overwhelm the character, although at times one is going 'hey, that's Elijah Wood' more than 'hey, that's 9', but not all the time. The other voices I did recognise, but couldn't name names until the cast list.

Enjoyable movie, and definitely one to see on the big screen.


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Fantomas said...

I wanted to see this at the cinema, but it only seemed to screen for a couple of weeks before disappearing.