Sunday, 14 February 2010

Because there's Nothing for Science to find

Recently on Close Up there was a piece between the skeptics (as represented by Vicki Hyde) and the homeopaths (represented by Mary Glasier). One comment made by Glasier is (paraphrasing) "Science can't find how homeopathy works".

That's right. It can't. Because, as I say in the title, there's nothing to find!

If there was something in the preparations, the 10:23 movement (overdosing on homeopathic pills) would have a serious problem. They didn't. Recently, the big paper they had on their side, the Wakefields paper, was retracted by the Lancet.

Interestingly, the homeopaths claim that medicine has to be tailored to the person. The skeptics have asked the Homeopathic Council to join them in asking that chemists do not sell homeopathic remedies, because it isn't tailored. Heh. Like to see that come to pass. :)

And before you say "What's the harm?"... here's the harm.


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