Friday, 12 February 2010


I was reading Stuff, as one does, and saw this article "Can you be bored to death?" It's about how boredom can be associated with other factors that lead to poor health and early death. Entirely possible.

However, something else occured to me as I read it. (The sad part is, I suspect others leapt to this connection without having recent reminders!) Recently, I've been watching a lot of Deep Space 9 episodes, and when I read this, I flashed back to In the Cards.

Allow me to quote: "Dr. Giger plans to use the supplies in the construction of his cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber – a device designed to keep the cells of the body from getting bored, thus prolonging life indefinitely."

...what? It's real? He was on to something? Dr. Crazy-Pants?

Worse... does this mean Star Trek is real? We can only hope not...

But, perhaps, we should be looking into building our own cellular regeneration and entertainment chambers...?


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