Saturday, 27 March 2010

Milking the Rhino

[One problem there has been with the movies is that the copies aren't perfect, and sometimes the movie skips a half-second or so. You get a little discontinuity, can usually tell what's going on, and otherwise ignore it. Unless it happens often. Like in this movie. Sigh]

BTW, just so you are forewarned, no-one is literally Milking the Rhino. This is, instead, about metaphorically milking the rhino. For the monies.

When your tribe is used to herding cattle and occasionally hunting with spears, what do you do when White Man(tm) comes along, starts shooting things, and the government sides with White Man(tm) and says 'you can't hunt, only they can'? Not a lot, is the short answer.

The longer answer is to try to adapt and take control of your own area, and start considering long term impact, and, most of all, bilk the tourists. I say, good on them. People want to come over and say "oh, look at the majesty of nature", why not make some money off the delusional fools? (There's a great scene concerning taking tourists out and about where we see people sweeping the dunes to erase the tracks so the tourists think no-one else has been out here. Yeah, I'm going with "delusional".)

But life ain't easy, and when the lion is near your cattle, you don't ask questions about the wider eco-system, you protect your investment. But then, there are less lions for the tourists to see... life ain't easy at all. [And I do write that comment with the full appreciation of living in a house in the middle of a city.]

There's a long way to go, and this is a good movie for seeing some aspects of life of African tribes.


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