Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mount St. Elias

[Now this was a film with problems! The video crapped out during one part, the chapter was put back and we rewatched about 15 minutes, before it started to crap out again... and then they switched to the good copy!]

There comes a time when "Because it's there" is not a good excuse. Deciding to climb Mount St. Elias because "we want to ski down it" doesn't rate highly either. Yet, that's why several people tried it.

And two people died in one attempt, back in 2002, so this 2007 attempt(s) weren't more intelligent. And yet... people do these things. The first doco I saw was someone crossing the Tasman Sea because they had to, and now they climb mountains.

And get very good camera angles. They admit that some parts are recreations, but I think there might be more than we suspect with some very good close up skiing. ANd great long shots, but they are easier to explain with helicopters.

Great movie to see to see the extent of human perserverance.


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