Sunday, 7 March 2010

Thanks for the info, Microsoft!

Microsoft aren't known for producing the best applications ever, but they at least usually have some indication of how they are going.

I'm trying to defragment my drive, and all I see is:

Fine, it is a 280 Gb drive, but... it's been running for five hours so far! "It make take a few hours" indeed, but I have no idea if it is defragging my drive, if it is five minutes away from completion, or another ten hours... or even if it's just sitting contemplating its own naval while thinking about maybe considering looking at the drive and then perhaps actually doing anything at all!

Not even a progress bar? Or a percentage count? Or even a badly judged time to go? Just another brilliant aid of Microsoft products...

Update: At least the command line version gives an analysis report to say how fragged your drive is!


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