Wednesday, 3 March 2010

War on Scales 6

We entered the final cavern under the monastery, and it was definitely the last room as the passageway out, that previously let in the orcs, was collapsed. This clearly annoyed the orcs that were present, and they were taking it out on the dwarf they had captured.

There was a brief talk amongst us of trying to do something other than just charge in, but charging in won out. Shame really. The assassin failed to kill a particularly irritating opponent early on... and we couldn't stand up to the force before us. Out next plan: "Leg it!" We hid out, let them pass us, then moved back in. The dwarf had been knocked out, so we were able to rescue him slightly more than before, then we all moved out to find the orcs heading out before us to become a random encounter for some other adventurers. Not our finest moment all up.

We filled Kalad (the dwarf) in on what had transpired, and we determined the next course of action was to head to the Vents, which was likely more guarded than suspected. Going in ourselves, we found the caves to be a series of mazes that taxed us (and some more than others). Getting through those, we found an advance force of orcs (yes, more orcs) that we managed to kick the ass of more easily that our previous encounter. However, the bombardier set off the trap before he died.

The assassin was able to point out the activating plates, so we could avoid them, but he did activate the iron dogs and arcane ballister that was waiting further down. Made a nice change from orcs.

The key point about 'advance force' is that there is a 'main force' not that far behind. We think it's just beyond that door...


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