Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ass Kick

Who wants to be a superhero? Moreover, who wants to be a superhero in the real world? One man is willing to step up, and get his ass soundly kicked (although does get something akin to super powers because of it).

It's somewhat strange that this movie is called Kick Ass, 'cos the main plot doesn't involve him at all, and it's only by accident that he even gets involved in it. A mob boss does some bad things, and two people go after him, with Kick Ass getting caught up in it. And while watching it I did wonder if the story of the movie was really about Hit Girl and Big Daddy? Certainly the movie seemed rather uncertain about it as well, as they were the ones that really got any development worth talking about. And yet... we are lead to believe that Kick Ass is important, with him being the narrator and the movie named after him and all... [I have the comics to read some time. I gather that the movie was "based on" them, so will be seeing just how "interpreted" the comics are.]

Given all that, there aren't any big names worth talking about (at least, none that are big yet). Aside from Adam West... I mean Nicholas Cage. And yet... it's like they all put in their performances, yet didn't quite know what the movie was on about either. They run each scene, and yet don't develop their character or anything. (And, yes, I get that 'oh, it's an eleven year old girl, look what's been done to her'... meh. I've seen worse.)

Ultimately, it was... good. Not great. But good. Could have been better.



Fantômas said...

Kick Ass was the superhero people first heard about and was the one to inspire others to 'don the mantle'. He was also your more traditional style super. Whereas Big Daddy and Hit Girl were being discrete and not announcing their presence. And while they were targeting criminals, their methods were not what people would consider of superheroes.

Jamas Enright said...

But there is a definite change in focus from Kick Ass to BD/HG. As such, it stops being his movie.