Monday, 26 April 2010

DW 504: The Time of Angels

That's more like it!

The tale of this story is: kick things off and keep moving! Lawrence Miles would be against that, but it works for me. Once we get to the Weeping Angels, events are kicked into a whole new level with new abilities for the Angels and hiding them in plain sight. And now, we don't have to just worry about statues, we have to worry about pictures of statues!

Have to say that I wasn't looking amazing forward to the return of River Song, bit too much smugness and pretension there... and, Matt Smith is half Alex Kingston's age! There's an acting challenge! But it still works. There are a lot of questions raised (apparently there was no other adventures with the Tenth Doctor, and given she's got pictures, you'd think she'd know what that adventure was... then again, she hadn't had it yet, so... bah! Time Travel! But from all looks of things, this Doctor isn't HER Doctor either). Doctor's Wife? Eh... Wacky idea: a new regeneration of the Master!

And I have now realised what it is about the Eleventh Doctor that irks me. He's fidgety. He hasn't got Restless Leg Syndrome, he's got Restless Body Syndrome! Get the Doctor some Ritalin! I know Moffat is going for "old man in a young man's body", but that trait is working against it. Then again, he does some damn fine looks that say a lot.

Good part one, there Moffat! Keep it up, and pay it off well!

Next week: Oh noes! They all died! We'll need a new Doctor!



Foo said...

Is it just me, or does Lawrence Miles really HATE the current series of Doctor Who? I just read his "Thirteen Cheering Thoughts for 2010" and while it made me laugh, I kept wondering why he keeps watching.

Foo said...

Hang on, I get it now (after reading more of his blog). Lawrence Miles hates Steven Moffat AND Doctor Who from 2005 onwards.

Jamas Enright said...

Well, you see, Lawrence Miles really doesn't like Moffat nor NuWho... oh wait, you already got that...

And yet he keeps talking about doing an episode...