Sunday, 4 April 2010

Getting my Ar-McGann-On

Armageddon rolled around again, bringing with it a special Doctor Who guest: Paul McGann!

Asked a few duff questions in regards to his Doctor Who episode, but asked about some other shows as well. He knows Matt Smith and would be more than happy to come back (to be honest, don't really see it happening). Nice chap!

Next up: The John and Bonny Show!

Lots of fun to be had here, they spark off each other very well. Some fans got them stuck in a particular schtick which wasn't as funny, but fortunately enough other people had questions that ranged across both of them to keep things moving.

Last pairing: Marion and Michael be honest, while some funny moments, you didn't miss anything...

Afterwards, in the pub, conversation ranged from Doctor Who to James Bond to Shakespeare to... well, back to Doctor Who. Good chatting with good friends!


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