Saturday, 24 April 2010

I already have the latest, you out of date moron!

I've had more than one site tell me "You need to upgrade to the latest version of Flash, as you are so out of date you're still making references to Metal Mickey as an up and coming thing."

Here's the deal, you plonk: I have the latest version of Flash. 10.somedrivellingnumbers... or 11.blahdeblah, whatever, the point is I'm up to date.

However, because your code was typed out by a monkey with uncontrollable urination, you are only checking the FIRST DIGIT of the Flash version, as opposed to the full NUMBER before the period. We are in an electronic age where we can count to more than one digit, so perhaps if you thought about it as opposed to hacking something together that's more prone to errors than the Y2K catastrophe, you might actually get people visiting your site instead of shaking their computer before returning to more productive activities, like posting about how Jenny McCarthy's innate medical mothering instinct, after providing such excellent advice on vaccines, is now telling people that the best way to cure AIDS is to stick bananas up your arse...


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