Friday, 23 April 2010

Now that's sacreligious!

South Park got another boost to its ratings by showing Mohammad... in a bear outfit. The creators were warned that they might end up like Theo Van Gogh who was shown violence by Islams after showing Islams were violent [no irony meter can measure that].

I'm sure Matt and Trey were glad that that group did warn them, and that it made headlines, so everyone tuned in. (So, is this better or worse than the bleeding Mary statue, an episode I haven't seen.)

Like everyone else, I went out and caught this episode, which was actually part two, although I never saw part one. First comment: I'm not at all sorry over giving up trying to keep up with episodes of this. The humour level was severely lacking. Meh.

Second comment: Matt and Trey do not break the rules about showing Mohammad, although they do so in their own way. The bear thing was very well done.

Third comment: Danish cartoons and South Park cause headlines and riots, and yet what about Jesus and Mo?

Fourth comment: How many seconds after this came out did the term fatwa envy get thrown around?

Ultimately: Free Speech trumps the lack of right not to be offended. A lack of right that many people don't seem to realise they don't have...

(P.S. Yes, the quest for the truth about Cartman's dad was more interesting.)


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