Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The rise of the supernatural

Religion may be taking a bit of a hit, but there's more than that around when it comes to the mystery beyond the known. According to a survey, feeling spirits has rising from 33% to 40%. (I am wondering about the wording of the survey, and about how much people think they have felt it because it is more prevalent in the media as opposed to any actual increase... and certainly there's no actual rise in actual spirits!).

What I recalled when reading this is a comparison to elsewhere. Europe is often cited as a less religious place... but also there was a rise in the more spiritual side as well. It seems that people need something else "out there", and if religion can't provide it, they'll look elsewhere. [I do wonder if this could be cast as moving from "the religion of the masses" to "the religion of the self"?]

The article is rather critical, which is nice to see. Marika Hill takes a financial look at psychics and mediums, and there is a lot of money to be made there. More interesting, the comments aren't exactly pleading for special treatment of those people either. Usually there's many people claiming that there are ghosts, etc., but not many here. Not exactly a properly representative sample, but I like to think there's a trend here.

Now, if we can actually bring the power of some place like the Serious Fraud Office to bear...


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