Wednesday, 28 April 2010

War on Scales 10

In the Shadowfell, we find ourselves just outside a town, the town of Umbraforge. It has an interesting feature, that of a river of lava running through it. Not that common, but here they have one. As we head in we find out that they have mercenaries, a lot of mercenaries. We ask around, and learn that they are under the control of the leader of the town, Sarshan, who is going to attack the real world. Huh. Might need to do something about that.

While also looking for Modra, we are waylaid by the Bonetooth or Bonehead or something clan who thinks we aren't ready to fight alongside them. We agree, in that we have no interest in fighting alongside them. The spectators gather we do indeed fight, with them as it happens. It lasts three... maybe four rounds? Yeah, not that much of a fight to be honest.

We hear that Modra used to hang out at the slave pits so head over there. As we near, the ground erupts with a new lava opening and creatures emerge and attack! Took a bit longer, but still not really that much of a concern, not once I get my Moment of Glory on. We haven't even been bloodied yet!

The slaves are used by Sarshan for experiments, which piques our interest. Over at the Dark Foundry they say, so we get there, find a side entrance through a wall, and inside find that Modra is hiding amongst the hobgoblins inside, slowly converting the foundry into a bomb that would take out Sarshan's keep. Sarshan who is waging war on the real world.

I think the little guy just got himself some help...


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