Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Future of Documentation

If I knew how to make money of this idea...

I know what the next step in documentation is! Or, at least, should be!

Now, you are working on a Spreadsheet and need to write some documentation up about it. But writing it in the spreadsheet itself is annoying and limited functionality, so you load up a text document. Oh, and you also need to work up a presentation, so third application is started...

And then you can't find one of the files, and can't remember exactly what you wrote, and now the whole lot's useless. Right?

Why? Why should it be like this? Why do we have different applications for this stuff? Why not...

OmniDoc! I see this as akin to a Spreadsheet, but in each tab you can have any type of document. Text document is good for the first tab, write the report up. Next few tabs are spreadsheets, containing all the numbers. Then a presentation in the end tab to show to others. Full functionality in each part, with the flexibility of the right tool (text, spreadsheet, presentation) for the right job. One application for the whole lot, just change the options depending on which document type you are in.

One document. Everything relevant is contained, can't lose part of it now. (Can still lose the whole thing, but there's only so much help you can give people.)

OmniDoc... why don't we have this already? We are already so close with everything having the same look and feel, so... where is my OmniDoc!?


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