Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Losingers

[Not the best movie experience I've had. Although the trailers were fine, there was a sound problem during the movie itself that sounded like an air conditioner was on. After a Readings employee had been through, they obviously said something as the noise abated... but it was still there. Be on the watch out next time your in Cinema 7 at Readings Courtney.]

[And I can't even make a comment about how this was like the A-Team... the last trailer played before the movie was for that one!]

So, this comic book movie was well worth the translation to the screen. By which I mean this movie is another generic action movie of "wronged good guy who seeks revenge" (although in this case the 'good guy' is 'guys'). And given this is a supposed to be a team of five guys, they first thing they do is add a woman. But it's not like I've ever read the comics, so if the fans are outraged... whatever.

The plot is... well, I already described it. The Losers are wronged, when they go on a mission that they are set up on. They then go after the people responsible, with the aid of a woman who has connections they are unaware of. Add in another twist that I won't explain (which may be from the comics, don't know, haven't looked), and sprinkle liberally with set pieces of action moments. At least, set pieces involving either the team, or the white guys on the team (although to be fair it might be that the rest had too much self-respect to do the Chris Evans scene).

As this is an ensemble piece, some actors getting better roles than others. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Evans get more than Idris Elba and Columbus Short, and they all get way more than Oscar Jaenada. Zoe Saldana gets a lot of screen time as well, but then she is the token Sexy Woman.

If you are not after innovation, this is a decent movie. Just make sure you see it in a decent theatre.


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