Saturday, 1 May 2010

Social Not-working

I don't bother with most forms of social networking. Fine, I have a blog, and I'm now hooked up to Google Buzz (so you can follow me that way if you so like, there's a button on the main page). But for other forms...

I'm not a twitterer. There seem to be two basic tweeters (aside from those that are simply pointing to posts on other places): those that post like once a month and those that post once an hour or more. I have no interest in following the infrequent ones, and I don't have time to keep up with the overactive ones. (I have to work, you know, I can't keep checking my twittering feeds.) And I certainly have nothing to say that I must tweet it.

Then there's Facebook (and all the rest). I'm not on Facebook either. I have no interest in being on Facebook. Another account to keep track of, something else to try to keep up to date (if I'm not tweeting, why would I care about my Facebook status), and, frankly... what's the point of Facebook? To hear about amazing groups like this?

Or to join groups to express my distaste about some topic? 'Cos whenever there's a debate about anything, there're a lot of Facebook groups all proposing to be rallying points. Many many rallying points. Which basically splits the groups rather than organising anything. And, tell me, has any opinion ever been changed by the existence of a group on Facebook?

And then there's the aspect of who owns the information posted on the various sites...

So, in short, social networking is useless, follow me on Google Buzz!

Where do you socially network?



Fantômas said...

I have buzz and use it quite heavily to post articles I think are interesting and others will also find them interesting, also talking/arguing/debating about the content of the articles. My firneds do the same. I started up a blog to start posting movie reviews and write ups of RPG sessions (I started running a regular game) and anything else that grabs my fancy. I'm hoping google better integrates buzz with blogger in the future, eg buzz comments posted on a blogger post to start appearing on the blog etc.

I have a facebook page which is mainly for keeping in touch with people I used to work with and some of the HCers

Jamas Enright said...

"buzz comments posted on a blogger post to start appearing on the blog etc."

Word that, home-boy!