Thursday, 13 May 2010

War on Scales 12

With the team split and on the verge of killing each other, nature intervened with things blowing up! Sarshin was distracted by the lava flowing and the tower collapsing and stuff, so left his second in charge to take care of us, and left him to it.

At which point, he attacked up, with his panthers. Even those that sided with Sarshin, claiming that he couldn't trust them. To be fair, no, he couldn't, and they, especially the assassin, were, like as not, planning on killing him and taking his place at the earliest opportunity.

However, we found ourselves largely outmatched [not helped at all by some really crappy rolling], and barely able to stand up to them. As time went on more of us were bloodied than not.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the tower collapsing? During the fight I went over to the portal and stabilised it, but still couldn't open it. Needed the key the assassin had for that. Eventually, with the tower in the process of falling over, he got it open and we jumped through, leaving the second in command behind us to... well...

We ported to near where came in and went back to the city to find ourselves surrounded by guards, ready to close the portal. We got back in time to be on the right side when that happened. While we have probably dealt with Modra, this does leave Sarshin to deal with at some point...

[This was the end of that particular module. We were potentially going to start another game, but not everyone was ready. Instead, we had two rounds of Family Business. Fun game, although I didn't win either game.]


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