Thursday, 27 May 2010

Zombiegeddon: 2nd Bite!

It wasn't so much as one step forwards and one step back as it was one step to the side and then one step back.

From the bakery we crept "forwards" some more, but we were only a few alleys along when we found a staff standing in the alley, and then we got attack by a wizard and some creepers. We got smacked around a lot, got ourselves bloodied, and slowly managed to take them down.

The wizard turned out to be related to a "dark sun cult", and we got a (nother) staff from him, a token stone on/off switch thingy (garage opener?), and a iTablet. The iTablet was used for connections, and with the Changelings amongst us, one switched to the wizard and activated it, connecting to a pad of someone back in the inn, a "lady of the night". Hmmm...

We rest up over the night, and see dark night creep in and swamp the light. Nasty. What's worse is that something overwhelmed me in my sleep, and I woke up with the dark sun symbol branded on my arm! Waaah! It's giving off arcane energy to... somewheres... what the...?

In the morning, we head back to the inn, and another person joins us (to be suddenly fleshed out next week), and we head up to confront the lady. [The chaos mage, also a changeling, looking like the wizard, leapt up to her and "J'accuse!" We nearly broke the GM with that. He knew we were going to do it... but didn't quite think we would. Ha!] The lady snarls and leaps into the attack...


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