Thursday, 20 May 2010

Zombiegeddon: 1st Bite!

[New D&D Campaign - I am a human psion by the name of Sir Julius Blackmoor. Two Changelings, a Bard named Kerlan, and a wild mage named Dox. A Human Revenant Fighter named Fig completes the set.]

We recently left Llorkh for the city of Loudwater after falling afoul of the authorities (although I knows others were involved in my expulsion), and settled in to an inn to rethink our lives, when a blast rippled through the town, knocking people over. And by 'knocking people over', I mean 'turning them into zombies'!

Yep, the Zombie apocalypse started, and we're in an inn. Not a bad start. While we fight the zombies that crop up in the inn, I shut the down on the outside ones and cut off that source of stupidity. Although that just leaves the entire city with roaming packs of zombies. The innkeeper has no interest in leaving, and although the zombies are no threat of getting in soon, there is the question of food.

We, being the brave band of heroes, or, alternatively, the group that doesn't want to get stuck in the inn, decide to head for the source of the wave, the mages' Spire across the river. Fortunately the river the is close. Unfortunately the nearby rowing boat is small and we can't get across that way. Fortunately there is a bridge. Unfortunately there are zombies and burning buildings between us and them. Fortunately... well, no, there's just more unfortunately, we can't quite make our way there, and need to retreat back into town while we plan, currently stuck in a bakery.

Most likely they hunt by heat. And fire, which is all around, gives off heat. Maybe we could use that...


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Jet Simian said...

The inn isn't called the Winchester by any chance is it?

Anyway, cool idea. I had designs on a zombie apocalypse story too, oh boy. More like the opening to Day of the Dead though.