Sunday, 6 June 2010

DW: Apollo 23

The first of the Eleventh Doctor books: Apollo 23 by Justin Richards.

The basic idea: the Americans have a base on the moon, and walk to and from there to Texas, 'cos they can. Except something's gone wrong. [Note: far more is given away in the blurb.] What this really is is a base under siege style story, and it doesn't arise to any level of innovation at any point. [There are several continuity references through-out, although they are kept subtle and not overly highlighted.]

Amy suffers from 'new companion' syndrome, and is written to not impact the story in several ways (aka is taken out of the story, cf Benny in Future Transit). I could visualise the Doctor as played by Matt Smith at several points, although the hair motif was overplayed.

The rest of the characters... are fairly straightforward. It was rather easy to guess who was 'bad' and who was 'good', as the standard 'bait and switch' was tried but also easily spotted. Jackson's fate was the one remarkable point.

A rather average book, not the best, not the worst. Meh.


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