Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Robin without the Hood

I've never really know much historical truth there was to the Robin story, but this movie doesn't even slightly stick to the mythological history. Oh, there are characters in common, and it's even set in Nottingham (for the most part), but aside from that...

But this is supposed to be a re-imaginaring, so we start with Robin Longstride in King Richard's army, before he heads back to England to be Robin Loxley, and become embroiled in politics (bringing in the Magna Carta? Really?). Politics with a sword, that is! And then everything changes in the last five minutes.

And there are many action sequences in this movie, but the movie takes its time about. The story is slow to unfold, and even the action sequences are paced out. (That said, they are shot in "action mode!" so you have no idea who is involved in the fight and if they are winning or losing.) To be honest, it didn't need to be over two hours, but Ridley Scott was obviously enamored of showing everything, never mind the audience.

Russell Crowe shows that he is still capable of acting, holding up against the likes of Cate Blanchett and Max Von Sydow. Oscar Isaac could use a few tips, with William Hurt and Mark Strong dominating their scenes.

Decent enough take, but be prepared to be staring at the screen for a long time.


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