Thursday, 10 June 2010

Zombiegeddon: 4th Bite!

[We certainly can't be accused of steaming through whatever the plot is!]

With Fig falling into the zombies, we're off with another zombie fight! A range of zombie were below, some simple to kill, some harder, and one Big Bad(tm). The monk got down and dirty with the zombies, while the rest of us snipe from the roof. Or, at least us trying to snipe. Some attacks were more successful that others. Still, this was hardly the hardest fight, and we deal with them. Looking around, the street is clear of zombies, and no others seem to be near, so we have some easy moving for a while. (We also have some loot from the bodies, but nothing exciting.)

We cross the street to the theatre and find the woman barricaded upstairs. And she can't open the door. So we have to go into the theatre proper and find a way upstairs. We also find, on the stage, a curtain writhing around with something underneath it. I dared Dox to try curtain-surfing, and he does. And, it has to be admitted, he does it very well! Although slightly less enthused when he rides the zombie abomination out from under the curtain.

While we have the big brute to deal, some zombies rain down from the flies. Huh. The beast does take plenty of pounding and, of course, we finally put him down. However, as I move onto the stage to look around, he rears up against and knocks me off the stage. Owie! [Note: this was the only damage in the entire day that I take! Go being a range controller!] He is stomped down again. Permanently this time.

We got some more loot, including some magic items (for others) and the curtain itself was magical, which we might be able to adapt for self-cleaning clothes later (I definitely want a set of that!). We also rescue the woman, and escort her back to the inn.

Then we are onto our main reason for coming out, going to the butchers shop. We get some meat, fish and a realisation that sewers run under the city and we might be able to use those. Interesting...

During the night, we (ie those on guard) hear some screams from the brewery. And in the morning, we see a prismatic sphere floating about observing the city. We attempt to get its attention, but don't get it to come over. Weird.

With three things to go to (the library, the records office, the brewery), we are asked to go to the dwarfs in the brewery, who will also be able to get us weapons from the forge area, and the bouncer wants us to get his armor. Damn fetch quests. Still, can't say we don't have options...


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