Friday, 30 July 2010

The Invention of Dr Nakamats

[My last film!]

Question: Who put the Bomp in the Bomp-she-bomp-she-bomp? Answer: Dunno, but I'd guess Dr Nakamats.

The Invention of Dr Nakamats is a wonderfully endearing movie about a wonderfully endearing man. Dr Nakamats claims to have invented all sorts of things, and while he holds over 3,000 patents, I'm not convinced that they are a) all useful or, b) entirely work.

But what the heck, he's a nice guy, doing well for himself, more than slightly eccentric, what more could you want? This movie is when he is encountering his 80th birthday (and he announced a new invention on that day!), and follows him about his daily activities. (And you'll get a slice of Japanese life as well as his own.)

Definitely a movie to be enjoyed.

[The City Gallery really needs wider seats.]

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