Monday, 26 July 2010

I've Been Watching...

Since I'm on a more relaxed time table, I've managed to watch some more Doctor Who. Merely several months behind now!

Anyway, I made my way through the ten hours of The War Games. Although I have a portable DVD player so I can watch bits and pieces while lying in bed, the player wasn't good enough to play disc two, which had problems. Fortunately, my main DVD player worked fine with it. Phew, though I'd have to shell out another $60!

As for the Games themselves... yeah, the story works. Although it is almost a "greatest hits" of Troughton, in that he gets captured (several times), is mistaken for others (spies), impersonates people in charge, and even gets to be in a base under siege. Aside from the lack of monsters, this is his entire time writ small!

And I have to mention the Devo outfits of the War Lord people. Seriously? They need eyewear because they have bad eyes against the light, but... seriously? Not just darkened rooms them? Full brightness plus wrap around cardboard? If I may venture an opinion, they do look just on the silly side of ridiculous.

The behind the scenes make the point that it wasn't supposed to be a ten parter, but as this is Troughton's farewell, it's a good send off.

As for other extras, not surprised to see a historical piece on the Zones, and thought Paul S should have been in the comics bit. And as for Devious... um... we can only hope that's all anyone ever sees. But the DVD makers like putting parts of documentaries on (eg Stripping). Anyone know which DVD is part two of Dudley Simpson's music?


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