Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Room

Since The Room is screening as part of the festival, I thought now was the time to check out the RiffTrax version of it.

According to the blurb, there is audience participation, throwing props, repeating dialogue and the like... sounds to me like someone's trying to recreate Rocky Horror for the new millennium. But there's one vast different. Rocky Horror, in an of itself, is a great movie! The Room is just... bad. Really bad. And not even a good bad like Birdemic. It's just rubbish.

It's about a guy and his fiancee who cheats on him, and... stuff. And people randomly enter, randomly leave, the main guy says "Hi" to everyone, and there's a weird kid... frankly, the plot isn't worth following. Oh, and there are sex scenes which... are there in the movie.

Basically, when the main star is the writer, director and producer, that's a good sign that you are deep in self-delusion territory and that this is someone's much loved, albeit crap, picture they just had to make.

Just watch the trailer, and consider that to be an end of it.

[I don't know where they got those end quotes from...]


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