Saturday, 28 August 2010

Damn You Embedded Players!

You can tell that various video sites are only allowing embedding of videos in other peoples pages out of an extremely grudging sense of letting other people actually use their services.

There is one very big indicator of this. Namely: what happens when you click on the video.

In particular, when you happen not to click on the tiny hit boxes that are the play/pause buttons you are immediately sent to the host site. Not asked, not "here's a button that will take you to the host site and when you click on the video something sensible happens like pausing/unpausing" ... 'cos that's what I want to happen! That's what happens when you click on the video on the actual host site! That would be the nice generous and not-dick-ish thing to do!

Because if you happen to click through, and you go back to the page where you want to be, you've lost where you are in the video, and have to reload! (As a consequence, more annoyingly, if you've let the video load up in the background while you did something else so you don't have to wait for load/lag times, you have to reload the entire thing!)

I know you like your host site, and want everyone to go there, but would it be such a hardship to have that as an option in the toolbar as opposed to griefing everyone who wants to show off some video of interest!?!?!?!



evildicemonkey said...

I don't get it, you're complaining that you have your options set up to open the link/video you click on in the same window and not a new window?
I'm not sure how that's the fault of the embeded video's site.

Jamas Enright said...

As far as I am aware, it's a "feature" of the video, not anything I can control over... am I wrong? Where's the setting to control it?