Sunday, 8 August 2010

It's "Char-Rah-Teh"

As remakes go, this one isn't bad. In many ways, it's quite good. (One of the best moments, in my opinion, was near the end when Dre reveals his motivation.)

The premise is that Dre and his mother have to go to China, and Dre gets beaten up as every single Asian person knows kung fu, of course. And then the bullies try to beat up Jackie Chan, but he's Jackie Chan! Like that's going to work! Ha! And then everyone agrees to settle their differences by beating each other up in an organised manner. It's civilisation people!

Jackie Chan is great, of course. Jaden Smith is surprisingly decent. The two of them have a great on-screen friendship, and I hope the pairing survives if there are sequels. (But, please, don't remake The Karate Girl, no pairing will save that.)

While there is some lovely footage of China, be aware this is a long movie. It doesn't drag, but some moments do linger. Ultimately, recommended!


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