Friday, 13 August 2010

Sensing bodies

So, in the news, a psychic finds a body. Not the body she was looking for, and only a torso, but the newspapers decided that "psychic" was enough to put in the header.

I checked out SMH for more information. Perhaps she found the body and merely was a psychic? "she had a "hunch" that the missing six-year-old girl’s body might be there." Hmm... I'm thinking she's trading in on psychic-ness.

On the other hand, maybe she saw someone dumping something that was young girl like, or maybe she had visited the reserve, saw the torso, and claimed that it was a psychic "hunch". Wouldn't be the first time. And would still be in the realm of non-psychic-ness.

Not that getting a "hunch" that the reserve was a good dumping ground and might be worth checking out needs a psychic touch to explain. (And, as it turns out, it does seem to be a place to use.)

I do like the police response. "I have certain strong feelings about people who claim they are psychic. I don’t think it will help if we enter a discussion on that." Read between the lines, mate.

But the most interesting thing about this: I have been writing "she" because her name isn't published. What psychic isn't going to mine this for publicity gold? A quiet, retiring, humble psychic? Didn't think they existed...


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