Monday, 16 August 2010

This Might Not Be My Life

A new New Zealand series that's vaguely sci-fi? That isn't for kids? How unusual! (And how many NZ SF shows for kids have there been? Quite a few...)

Anyway, This is Not My Life is... it's kind of hard to say. Not because it can't be summarised: a guy wakes up, starts to suspect that his life isn't real, but rather there have been four episodes so far and it's progressing slowly. Very slowly.

Which isn't to say it's not intriguing in its slowness. I'm intrigued, intend to watch more episodes, although I am wondering about the story (the next episode is supposed to explode the series to new depths!). Aside from "yes, this isn't the real life", I'm not sure where this is going, what's supposed to be unfolded.

Acting wise, Charles Mesure is very much laid back and relaxed, which makes it hard for tension building. Tandi Wright is good, although the character (yet) isn't very dimensional. Miriama McDowell gets more to do, but so far is playing second fiddle. There's a lot more reach for these people to go, and hopefully they will.

Decent series, one to check out. (Note: episodes can be watched for free in the link above. At least in New Zealand. No idea if there are country limits.)


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