Wednesday, 18 August 2010

War on Scales 16

Wandering around the castle/dungeon, we arrived in the courtyard on our way to elsewhere, when a Carrion Eater leapt out of the sand and attacked us. Or rather, attacked me. Took a good hunk out. And then the harpies arrived. Who screamed. Painfully.

I went down. I admit it. Bam! [Actually, it was three hit points off of a TPK!] They tell me I died. I'm not entirely sure I believe them, I should have been in the presence of Melora if I had died. Instead it was just an old man and some birds. Huh. But... they also say Mildred the wizard died, and now his body is missing! And Valadum has changed a bit... [we took the deaths as a moment to rearrange some characters] I do feel a bit sore... but dead?

Anyway, back to searching the place, and we find a room with some trees, and a bunch of creatures that try to attack us. (Aha! They are lead by a queen that was the source of the raiding parties.) Yeah, we kicked them all. Even when the hyenas turned up. [I used a daily that gave us resist five, which nearly completely negated the damage the hyenas did, and really made it easy healing wise. Although we ran out of time, we had two creatures left, and weren't seeing any problems.]

However... we have now cleared out the castle as far as we can tell. We're hemmed in by a sand storm. And there's no sign of the mine we came to find. Um... what now?


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