Saturday, 25 September 2010

$#*! His Dad Says

In the midst of other shows kicking off or restarting (yay, new House!) we have the comedy sensation of... about the beginning of 2010. Namely the show of the twitter series... (I suspect there will be others.)

The basic premise is William Shatner gets a chance to one-up everyone with continual one-liners, and there's a heartfelt emotional story about a father and son trying to form a relationship... which is also undercut by one liners. There were a few comedy routine moments in which it would have been perfectly reasonable to rejoin with "Third Base!"

I really hope they expand the range of the series, but I can see it being very formulaic story lines with, as mentioned, one liners dropped every where. The main thing it's got going for it is William Shatner's presence, but even then that can't be the only thing it's riding on.

It has an initial amusement factor. We'll have to see if it can keep it up or if it gets pulled before mid-season...


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