Saturday, 23 October 2010

SJA: The Vault of Secrets

Hey, it's Rani's wacky parents... and they are wacky! In particular Gita is, and she's joined up with BURPSS... yeah... they go there. Oh, and there are creations that do things with their hands and their weapons are revealed... oh boy, I bet all the kids will be saying that catch phrase on the playground "You will be incinerated."


Phil Ford clearly pulled out all the stops, and did his best RTD impression with this script. I can just imagine RTD laughing uproariously as he wrote the script.'s not that it's bad. There are some nice character moments (again with Rani, as per last time), but... it just isn't a good story. Did we really need the Men in Black, with all the references to (it wasn't like Rani said "Where Will Smith when you need him?" (and she does say that), and then they get on with a different take on the MIBs, no it could easily have been generic MiBs from that universe).

And the return of Androvax wasn't that exciting either. SJA is now getting to the point of wallowing in its own continuity. We get a (fortunately brief) repeat of Elizabeth Sladen's "possessed" acting, and yet other possessions are more realistically done.

In some ways, the point of it can be easily seen in that you completely forget about it as soon as you see next week's trailer...


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