Wednesday, 10 November 2010


After the rubbish of his last movie, it was good to see Bruce Willis return to his action role. And it has to be said, it is a damn fun movie!

Bruce Willis is an old guy (actually, he's only 55) and is an ex-CIA agent. Now people have come to kill him, and the woman he's been talking to. Why? Because... eh, not that important. What is important is that he hooks up with other old people and they go out and severely kick some ass. Morgan Freeman. John Malkovich. Helen Mirren. And opposed to them our own Karl Urban (and you can still see him McCoy'ing his way through some scenes at times).

The movie comprises of a set pieces, loosely connected by the plot, but mainly featuring Bruce Willis beating someone up. The others have moments as well, and there are lot of moments when physics takes a definite back step to Hollywood effects. But, hey, it's fun, so I'm willing to forgive them. (I might have to find the comics this is based on and see if that is just as much fun. Warren Ellis? Should be!)

So yes, definitely a movie to go see. To repeat: it's fun!


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