Monday, 22 November 2010

Ran the Shadows for Beans!

Returned to WARGS for the start of hopefully a new run of Shadowrun games. For this special beginning, we played a mod from the next season (not due to start yet), but to get in we had to donate a can of food (in my case a pack of cans of beans) that goes to the food bank. Good idea, and we get something in game for it. (Extra cans went to refreshing Edge, needed that!)

It seemed like a simple mission, just get some data, all we needed to do was protect the kid doing the extracting. As it was, I sat in the room while the other two killed them with triple passes per turn (I only got one turn, but if you can go more than once, people like me end up sitting and twiddling our thumbs). Still, once that was over, we were done, just needed to hand the data over.

And then everything went south, as we were attacked (more combat! I was one box off death - yay Immortality Flower!), and we barely got away. We have a bodyguard with us and found out the corporation hired us to steal data from them, and... er? Something else going on here.

On the other hand, once we started talking to the proper people, it quickly came down to giving people things and getting money. Easy! (I took my payment in flowers.)

Fun game, and here's to more!


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