Friday, 5 November 2010

SJA: The Empty Planet

This is a nice tight story. Yes there is running around, getting caught, running away, running around, getting caught again, but it does tip over into the absurd. And while Elisabeth Sladen might have liked the easy money for her appearances, I'm sure the production team didn't have that easy a time of it make sure all the streets were cleared.

Just in case I give away more than intended, I'll just tuck the rest of this away...

So, yeah, the planet is empty... but really? Rani and Clyde are the only ones? And just happened to right beside where Harry... I mean Gavin is? Artistic license is one thing, but that does push it. And Gavin, eh? Growing up with the Durdsleys, only to find out he's a wizard... er, I mean... well, yeah. Could be a little rip off of a particular source there, but it's not like he's got a scar, and even then the Wonder Child Trope is hardly new.

Yet again, the Rani focus, although there does seem to be a push in this series to hook Rani and Clyde up. I'm not sure what's up with that, can't say I really see that working, but, hey, she's a girl, he's a boy, what's a TV series to do? Be like every other TV series of course!

The robots looked good. Better than some of the outfits the parent series has! But I did notice a continuity problem with the glass smash and front layout as per the interior set versus the outside shop location they chose (no glass smash, and door is in a different place).

Decent episode, and shows that you could have yet another spin off series that didn't even feature any Doctor Who connection!

Next time: More time travelling than Doctor Who!


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