Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Zombiegeddon: 12th Bite!

While I need to get back home, it's not that easy, what with the zombie hoards patrolling the streets. However, Llorkh is built on old version of Llorkh, so all we need to do is to get down to the ruins under the current city then head north. We get to one entrance just as we get a hint of the zombie pack coming after us, but disable the gate leading in. That'll stop them.

Heading down through the tunnels, we come across a partially destroyed room with a slope leading to a chasm. And there are gnolls there as well. [Woo! Gnolls!] We set about them, and then find there's a sand trap that part sand blaster and part slippy slide to send people into the chasm. As it happens, only the gnolls are caught in their own trap. Doh! To be honest, the gnolls aren't that much of a problem, and the sand soon covered their dead bodies.

However, the gnolls were guard like guards that were probably a part of a group we encounter next, which includes a human with a bow, a huntsman if you will. Dox, looking like a gnoll, wanders in and sits on the vacant throne, while the Bard pretends to be my father. The huntsman isn't happy about either of this and sets the gnolls and wolves on us. Although the huntsman doesn't prove to be a problem, the rest of them are, and it's quite a long battle to deal with them. I get bloodied! Dox gets knocked out!! Twice!!! Clearly though, as we are heroes, we prevail... although I do wonder if we just killed what passes for the Resistance around here...

Continuing on we find a large shaft that gets us up a few levels and along another tunnel that leads past a well from which issues some strange sounds. Up from the well comes... a Grell! Although it knocks the monk down the shaft (and out of the fight), we range fighters collectively stomp it in a few rounds before it can do any more damage (and my ability to get inside its head and confuse it [lowering its defenses] proves very useful).

We decide to rest before pressing on, and for some reason we know we'll wake up on the morrow stronger... increased in our abilities... [although it's only level five, with one extra daily power].


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